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I serve in the capacity of a private Trustee, Executor or Administrator. My services in these capacities are to analyze the financial situation of the person(s) whose assets and debts I manage. I pay bills, work with a CPA to prepare and file required income tax returns, handle litigation, and carry forth the Settlor’s wishes at the time of distribution.We offer a reduced hourly rate for these services. My staff and I are engaged in helping the Trustors/Settlors to live the life they want free of the stress of ongoing financial decisions. I utilize my years of litigation experience to make informed decisions an manage the Trust/Estate assets in a prudent manner. My reputation is based on integrity and hard work. I will zealously protect your interests, while using my experience and legal knowledge to keep you informed every step of the way.

I regularly assist clients with:

  • Preparing a Last Will and Testament
  • Preparation of a Living/Family Trust, to avoid the delay and cost of probate
  • Preparation of  Special Needs Trusts
  • Preparation of Pet Trusts; Digital Asset Management; and other current issues
  • Preparation of Certificate of Trust for ease in management of the Trust assets
  • Financial matters Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Community/separate property Agreement for married persons
  • Premarital and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Complete estate plan that avoids probate, minimizes any estate taxes, and benefits spouses, children, and favorite charities.

Trust Administration – the legal steps needed after a living trust owner has died.  Services can include:

  • Serve as Executor, Administrator or Successor Trustee
  • Advise the successor trustee and prepare the legally required notices
  • Prepare an inventory and valuation for all assets
  • Notify and pay creditors, and handling creditor’s claims
  • If the trust provides, allocate the assets into new trusts for the best tax benefits
  • Prepare Beneficiary Agreements to amend Trust provisions when appropriate
  • Prepare an accounting and distribution plan
  • Prepare deeds and other legal documents to transfer title
  • Work with an estate accountant preparing the estate and trust tax returns